SPFBO – Tales from the Asylum

Over the course of the SPFBO competition, the lovely people of Rockstarlit Book Asylum have been running a truly dark and sinister feature…

Tales from the Asylum is a series of short pieces starring the protagonists of the many SPFBO entrants, as they find themselves trapped inside a mysterious asylum. Some know why they’re there, some don’t – some escape, but many, alas, do not…

There have been some superb pieces so far – all very different takes on the scenario – but the latest is, in fact, by me, starring the leads of The Blackbird and the Ghost!

It took me far too long to write (my repeated apologies to Timy Takács), and what I wrote was far too long, but it’s finally done and it’s up over at the Rockstarlit website!

A warning: the story is loosely set after The Blackbird and the Ghost – no major spoilers though.

So if you want a little more of Tal and Max in your lives, read it here!

And if you still want more after that… well, there might still be a much longer cut coming soon…

My thanks to Timy and everyone else over at Rockstarlit for bearing with my very slow writing and giving me this opportunity to share it!

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