Lockdown: Tokyo Drift #2 – GCSE to Grimdark

I had a new short story published this week. It's called 'The Only Cure', and it's a nice dark piece about a plague doctor in a pseudo-medieval world, generally having a miserable time of things. I wrote the story while in Edinburgh last year on a nice little writing retreat (back in one of those … Continue reading Lockdown: Tokyo Drift #2 – GCSE to Grimdark

‘The Only Cure’ – Grimdark Magazine #25

I've mentioned this a couple of times recently, but it's finally here for real: my new story in Grimdark Magazine #25! Grimdark Magazine presents the darker, grittier side of fantasy and science fiction. Each quarterly issue features established and new authors to take you through their hard-bitten worlds alongside articles, reviews and interviews. Our stories … Continue reading ‘The Only Cure’ – Grimdark Magazine #25

Lockdown: Tokyo Drift #1 – Short Stories and Long Games

Well, here we go again. Again. Getting a little bored of these lockdowns now, but at least there might be some kind of hope on the horizon this time... In somewhat more positive news, I should have another short story out very soon (as in next week!) - and my own copy of the latest … Continue reading Lockdown: Tokyo Drift #1 – Short Stories and Long Games

Instantaneous Photograms – General Update

Well, Christmas will be weird, it seems. Thankfully I intended to spend my time off playing videogames and eating food regardless of circumstances, so not that much has actually changed. Still a bit frazzled by it all, though, so forgive me for a short update-y post this week. Perhaps unwisely, I have decided to venture … Continue reading Instantaneous Photograms – General Update

Suddenly I’m In Stuff

I don't know. You spend months slogging away at your keyboard, writing and submitting short stories and novels and all manner of writings that never see the light of day... and then suddenly two of them get accepted at once. I posted last week about being published in the latest issue of Shoreline of Infinity … Continue reading Suddenly I’m In Stuff