TNG Abridged: The Klingon Kollektion

When I posted my guide to the essential episodes of The Next Generation, I focused primarily on what you need to watch in order to understand Picard and what you need to understand the flow of TNG itself. However, there is a major hole in my selection, and that hole is about 6'2 and shaped like Michael Dorn. Lieutenant Worf … Continue reading TNG Abridged: The Klingon Kollektion

Star Trek TNG: Abridged

I love Star Trek. I particularly love The Next Generation (though Deep Space Nine is also a wonderful thing...) - it was the first of the shows I ever watched, via random episodes on BBC 2 on a Saturday afternoon. When I came to university, got Netflix, and realised that I could actually watch all … Continue reading Star Trek TNG: Abridged